Blue Mountain Education and Research Trust

Note: This location is a temporary home for the BMERT.

Blue Mountain Education and Research Trust (BMERT) was established in 2008 by priest-archaeologist, the Rev Dr Eugene Stockton, Fr Theo Arrivoli and friends. It was named after the original place name, Blue Mountain [singular], for the village of Lawson in the Blue Mountains where Fr Eugene grew up and where he now lives. The Trust was established to promote local research and writing, particularly in the areas of religious and Aboriginal studies.

The objects of the Trust include but are not limited, to the following purposes:
* To review and continue the research initiated by Fr Stockton in religious studies, Aboriginal

studies and archaeology.

*  Disseminate knowledge and ideas on the above and related topics.

*  Host forums, talks and conferences for the advancement of matters of religious and social


*  Engage in interfaith, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue.

*  Publish talks, papers and books, especially those whose authors are members of, or working

with the local community.

*  To pursue any other purpose ancillary to, or associated with the above objects.

BMERT has published books about (i) spirituality, (ii) Aboriginal culture and presence in the Blue Mountains and (iii) books generally relating to people, places and particular activities in the Blue Mountains (e.g. walking, perhaps music and art). 

The 2021 BMERT 8 page flier file below details all the books available from BMERT.  

The 2019 E Stockton books file below details the books written by Eugene Stockton.

Clicking on the files will open them.

Our latest publication –Sacred Ways and Places in the Blue Mountains, Edited by William W. Emilsen, Eugene Stockton- is detailed on the following link, Sacred Ways.

For enquiries and book orders, please email: (An invoice and EFT Bank Details will be sent with Books)