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At home Advent Retreat

Len Blahut is organising AT-HOME retreats, via weekly exercises, for those who are not able or not comfortable to attend a venue. They offer the opportunity to share the exercises with others in a group, or one-on-one, via the internet or telephone, or elsewhere.

They will run over the three weeks of Advent, starting on the 28th November.

The document A FIELD HOSPITAL: Pope Francis’ image of the Church is here -->

 It is designed to help orientate you towards the elements of the retreat.


Three spiritual exercises are included at the bottom of this page.
They are designed to be taken in the order 1,2,3. 

If you wish to share the experience of your retreat exercises, there are two ways.


1) sign up for a weekly group time at Santa Maria Hall, Lawson.

Please telephone Len on 0405-916-326  OR mail Len at email


2)The other is to talk one on one with a person, a spiritual companion. ….there are EIGHT persons available to meet for 30 min/week to discuss your personal retreat experience.

Please contact Leonard Blahut, 0405-916-326 or, who will link you up to an available Companion.

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