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The Season of Creation starts 1 September, the Day of Prayer for Creation, and ends 4 October, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of ecology beloved by many Christian denominations. Throughout the month-long celebration, the world’s 2.2 billion Christians come together to care for our common home.  

So you are encouraged to

1. Watch Pope Francis' message 

2. Experience the wondrous spirituality of nature by meditating and contemplating the natural world all around in  our beautiful  Blue Mountains City sitting within the Blue mountains National Park. See the meditation guide at bottom of this page

3.  To attend an evening  at St Finbar's Parish at Glenbrook where  Dr Sebastian Salaske-Lentern and James Atanasious from the Diocesan Peace, Justice and Ecology ministry will speak to us on the topic: 

Faith and authentic living – Care for neighbour and the care for creation.

This event be held on Tuesday 6th September at 7-8.30 in the parish hall, 52 Levy Street, Glenbrook 2773

Please register via

4. Attend an evening with the focus being "The Mind of Pope Francis" 

According to the Papal biographer Austin Ivereigh, Pope Francis is a "Great Reformer" who radically addresses not just Church's issues, but also is very vocal on social and environmental topics.

Fr Joseph Lam, an expert on the history of the Early church and on the theology of Pope Benedict XVI, will uncover the background of Pope Francis' cultural and intellectual context. 

This event be held on Tuesday 13th September at 7-8.30 in the parish hall, 52 Levy Street, Glenbrook 2773

Please register via

5. Get right out into the outside and experience  the wonder and reverence generated in our spirit by taking an "Awe Walk"

Where ? : Tench Park on the Nepean River 

When?  Thursday September 15th , 11am to 1pm sponsored by Emu Plains and Blackheath Parishes (BYO Lunch)


                        Saturday September 17

             Church hall, 167 Wentworth Street Blackheath


Bring along one or two poems about NATURE and CREATION (they can be your own writing or others you love!) to read and share with the group. After the reading of each poem there is an opportunity to reflect, comment and delve! Bring copies of poems as handouts if you like with source acknowledged.  Contributing a small plate of food for sharing for afternoon tea would be appreciated.



                        Thursday 22 from 11-1pm

         Rhododendron Gardens, Bacchante St, Blackheath

Meet in the carpark beside the Lodge for a gentle walk for about an hour through the gardens. An AWE walk is a meditative walk, taken slowly, stopping to breathe and breathe in the beauty of CREATION enveloping us, noticing colour, texture, sounds, variety, peacefulness, creatures……

BYO lunch and join in a conversation about the 7 Laudato Si goals over a cuppa after lunch. No need to book in, just turn up!


                     Thursday 22 at 7:30pm

Pope Francis calls us all to celebrate this Season of Creation to “reaffirm our personal vocation to be stewards of creation, to thank God for the wonderful handiwork that he has entrusted to our care, and to implore his help for the protection of creation.” You are invited to join this prayer vigil for a time of gratitude, prayer, song and reflection; have a gift of creation in front of you and a candle nearby to light at the beginning of the vigil.

Join Zoom Meeting for Prayer Vigil

Meeting ID: 689 2150 1718

Passcode: 662863

Break open the Social Justice Statement      Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor

Explore the 7 Laudato Si goals

 Saturday 24 from 2:00- 3:30      Sacred Heart church hall  167 Wentworth Street   Blackheath

  • Season of Creation Camping Trip:

Set aside your busy lifestyle for a few days to join with friends, family and other members of the Christian community to celebrate the Season of Creation. Enjoy a relaxed camping experience with optional activities to engage in fun, creative and prayerful ways with creation and our Creator.

→ Friday 30 September – Sunday 2 October

→ Wooglemai Bush Retreat Centre, Oakdale

More information and

Maureen Ryan Deanery PC

Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) with Creation

Spend a minimum of 10 minutes outdoors daily, ideally in a silent natural setting praying with creation.



Take time to “read” creation by walking or looking around slowly andtaking in with all of your senses what is around you.


Notice if something attracts your attention and allow yourself to be fully present to this creature/plant/sky etc using all of your senses and reflecting on God’s presence in this element of creation.



Enter into dialogue with God about this creature/plant/sky etc and listen to what God might be saying to you through creation.



Allow yourself to just rest in God’s presence through creation.

Reflection Questions

What do you notice as you do this prayer practice?

What insights emerge through your Lectio Divina about God as Creator and Creation?


Saint Francis, faithful to Scripture, invites us to see nature as a magnificent book in which God speaks to us and grants us a glimpse of his infinite beauty and goodness.

Pope Francis Laudato Si #12

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