More Prayers



We, who also know and believe Jesus-risen, are to offer that same experience to others…..

*resurrection happens whenever love transforms life;

when someone offers forgiveness despite a burning desire for vengeance.

*resurrection happens when a nation begins to value and protect the rights of all, not just a few.

*resurrection happens when the poor, hungry, homeless and disenfranchised

are attended as brothers and sisters.

*resurrection happens when immigrants and refugees are not left to drown or incarcerated but

are welcomed as the children of God.

*resurrection happens when enemies sit down together to talk

instead of planning the other's demise.

*resurrection happens when our differences are honoured, listened to,

instead of holding our ground at all costs.


Lord of life, Resurrection is beckoning to happen all around us;

help us to venture out of our locked doors and BE this life wherever we find ourselves,