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Laurie Woods' Tricky Bits

Laurie's writings are in the files at the bottom of the page.  

Following is a description of the contents of the files.


'A word about words' explores the original language words about love, forgiveness.

'A word about words 2'  explores the original language words about perfect, soul, sin, violence.

"Jesus the poet' is explores the creative, poetic character of Jesus, which can deepen meaning.

'Spirit' explores the gift of the spirit of God establishes a direct connection between the human and the divine.

'Middle Eastern God" explores the language and culture of the Bible to better understand the spiritual messages therein.

'Logos' explores the meaning of Logos as the Word of God, connecting it to Jewish Wisdom.

'The Snake in Genesis' explores the history and meaning of the snake in Genesis.

'Tough Passages' explores passages in the Old Testament which encourage violence and how we may better understand them.

'Bible and Hebrew Thought' explores difficulties in translation from the Hebrew. In it we can see translators reaching out to find an adequate way of decoding the Hebrew while being faithful to the intention of the original writer

Laurie has also written on the Passion of the Lord and Grace, below.

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