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A section devoted to opportunities in the Parish, and personal stories and experiences of parishioners and Parish groups.

Click on the underlined text to see the personal stories and experiences.

From this page you will find contributions from various groups and members of the Parish, including:

Parish Management Team which contains minutes, challenges and recommendations for the Parish.

Len Blahut on a matter of faith

Mark Geerligs expresses his gratitude

John Leaney on images to meditate upon

Carol Teodori on Ephesians and hope

Laurie Woods is dealing with some tricky bits of the Bible here 

Intercessory prayer for Katarina Kabiriera and Taabeia Ibouri is here

The Sacramental Team on Confirmation and a Holy Spirit meditation

Refugee Sunday and Refugee Support details are here

The Cambodian Catholic Mission Project is here

  PEOPLE and Groups of the PARISH                                               

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