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Intercessory prayer for Katarina Kabiriera and Taabeia Ibouri is here

We are looking for more readers, commentators and ministers of the altar
so if you are interested please talk to Len or Richard on the parish phone number 4759 1034 to discuss the ministry.

Letter from Head, Religious Education commenting on changes in RE here

Confirmation, First Communion and Preparation suggestions are here

Laurie Woods is dealing with some tricky bits of the Bible here 

The Well, online support produced by the Parramatta Diocese is here 

Parish Management Team August Report is here.


 At Lawson, our church is open for a shortened form of Mass, restricted to 24 PERSONS, (not 30 as before).
   In accord with Diocese recommendations, it is advised that masks be worn

 There will be no music in view of the size of our church and in accordance with government regulation.

  • In addition you will need to register your attendance at OLN by emailing on or calling Richard on the office phone number 4759 1034 or at Springwood by calling Debbie on 4754 1052 as this detail is required by law.

  • Also required by law is that each person who attends must record their name and phone number on the attendance sheets provided as you enter the church.

  • Please bring your own pen or use the pencil provided and take it with you. 

  • Hymn books and missals are not to be used. 

  • No objects are permitted to be passed around, hence there can be no passing of the collection plate.  

  • A plate will be left on the Offertory Table for you to drop in your contribution on the way out and to collect your bulletin.

  • We may need your occasional assistance to sanitise the area after Mass.

Mass Times


We will have Masses at

aturday 5.00 pm Vigil

Sunday 8.00 am and 9.00 am

Our weekday mass times will remain at Tuesday 5pm, Wednesday 5pm, Thursday 9.00am.

At Springwood,

Saturday 5.00 pm Vigil

Sunday 8.00 am and 9.45 am

Tuesday 9.30am, Wednesday 9.30am, Thursday 9.30am, Friday 9.30am

Food Drive for Refugees.

After 4-5 weeks of collecting food, toiletries and blankets, our parish has delivered 3 car loads to the House of Welcome for Refugees at South Granville.

The Drive has now ceased at this time. Later we may  resume the Food Drive as the need is great. 

However the response to the Food Drive from  most of the parishes in the Blue Mountains Deanery has been most generous and we will hopefully be collaborating with the other parishes to continue our outreach in these most difficult times.

 In our opinion, the members of our parish have been looking for opportunities to help  people, including families, who are struggling during this horrible virus. It is an example of the Christian care and compassion that has been a hallmark of our faith ever since Jesus himself practised and prioritised care and concern  during his ministry.

Those who can are encouraged to donate supermarket  food vouchers or money to either the Jesuit Refugee service, or the House ofWelcome

Older, Current News

 Please note most of the news is in the Bulletin available by clicking on the Bulletin link

  • A notice to Confirmation families and a Holy Spirit meditation please click on the link,  Sacramental Team

  • Masses are being recorded each week and available by clicking on the Recorded Masses link