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Masses Now, until Sunday 23rd January 2022

On arrival check in with the QR code or add your name to the sign on sheet which you will find in the usual place, wear a mask as they are mandatory and no singing.
Limit of 48 people in the church at any one time.

Saturday 15th January 2022 Vigil                        5:00 PM

Sunday 16th January 2022                                 8:30 AM.

At this stage our week days Masses  will be as usual, that is

Tuesday & Wednesdays at 5:00 PM 

and Thursdays at 9:00 AM, when we will record the Sunday Mass.

Attendance at Mass is currently 48 with the usual check in rules.

World Day of Prayer

Friday, 4th March (7.00pm) - Our Parish is hosting the WORLD DAY OF PRAYER in our Church followed by supper in the Santa Maria Hall. A small committee of 4-6 parishioners will need to be formed to assist with the organisation of this event.
If you would like to help or do one of the short readings, please contact Paula Currie (0416 185 651). Further information as to our first meeting date will be advised to- wards the end of January.

Pope Francis and the worldwide Synodality Consultation.

We are all invited to be a part of the worldwide review of the Catholic Church. Pope Francis is asking us: How are we listening and traveling as a community of believers?. He is also asking our opinion about how we plan and decide upon our goals within the Church community and how we reach out to others beyond ourselves.

If all this sounds a bit like our still ongoing Australian Plenary process,we think it is! But this is for the whole world. The process of reflection upon the Gospels , prayer and listening before submitting a response is much the same as in

the Plenary process, but perhaps the questions in the Synodality consultation are more specific.
Therefore the Synodality could support and reinforce the Plenary submissions by the People of God and vice versa. So

there should be some value unbecoming engaged in the synodality process.

If you would like to either see the format for a Synodality group response, or do an individual response both of which includes a suggested reflection based on Gospel verses and questions followed by a submission (max 250 words) TO find out more and enter a submission, click on ,
then scroll down to two boxes "Individuals" or "groups of friends" and you can follow the prompts for your appropriate choice.

There are 3 aspects you can choose from -- Communion or Participation or Mission. Or you can choose all three aspects

There is also plenty of background information about this world wide synodality consultation.

The submissions all need to be done by the 27th February 2022

Maureen and Carol. Deanery Pastoral Council.

​Our Parish's Over 50s Group

Our Parish's Over 50s Group will recommence this year with an initial meeting in the Santa Maria Hall on Wednesday, 19th January, commencing at 10.30am with morning tea followed by a BYO lunch, morning tea will be supplied. The meeting will finish around 1pm.  If you would like to know a little more about our active group, please contact Paula Currie on 0416 185 651.  See bulletin for further details.

Father Paul's Christmas Message

Dear Parishioners,

Angels are Messengers of God. Throughout the scriptures, Angels bring God’s message to the people of God.

This Christmas once more, Angels proclaim the Word made flesh in Jesus. Perhaps as we are celebrating the wonder of life, the wonder of joy, the words of love, let us remember those Angels that have helped us through life, parents, family, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters and all those who have helped us, to love, to heal, to forgive, to embrace and share the blessings of our hearts and the blessings of our God.

May all the blessings of Christmas be with you and all those you love,

Fr Paul. Christmas 2021.

Sacraments in February 2022

First Reconciliation Wed 16th Feb at 7.00pm (I don't think we will need to have another practice I will remind the parents beforehand to run through the liturgy with their child). (No music or flowers needed for this liturgy).

Combined Confirmation First Communion Masses on

Sunday 20th Feb 11am

Saturday 26th Feb 11am

Optional additional mass if needed Sunday 27th Feb 11am (due to possible church number restrictions)

A 2nd possible additional mass if needed Sat 26th Feb at 1pm (due to possi- ble even more church number restrictions


The practices for the masses will be Thursday

pray this will be the case of 3rd time lucky.

Gathering of Talents update is here

Catholic Mission page is updated here

Deanery News is HERE

From the Bulletin.

Articles you may want to read inside the Bulletin.

  • Synod of Bishops – Have your say.
    What would you say to Pope Francis if you had 10 minutes? Catholics across the world are invited to participate in a period of local consultation for the next international Synod of Bishops. Find out how to send your message at


  • Liturgical Ministry Formation Courses 2022.
    The Liturgical Ministry Formation Courses will begin early next year in February. This is formation for anyone interested in serving within the Liturgical Ministries either as Readers, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, Communion to the Sick and Dying and Ministers at the Altar. If you are interested or would like more information please contact the Office for Worship on (02) 8838 3456 or 


  • Caritas Australia responds to humanitarian crises in Afghanistan and Lebanon.  In Afghanistan, people have been forced from their homes, with half of the population in urgent need of food, water, shelter and protection. In Lebanon, the country is running out of power, water, fuel, medicine and food. Please donate to Caritas Australia respond to crises like these by visiting or or call 1800 024 413 toll-free to provide much needed support.

  • Thank you to all those parishioners who give and continue to give to our parish by direct debit or EFTS transfer.  If you are not aware of the procedures, please see the Bulletin for details of how to give money to the Parish. 



Cry of the earth cry of the poor

The signs of the times with regard to the environment are not good.

The updated document (with all 8 articles) to the right outlines some issues

about which to think and pray.

Plenary Council bulletin from Parramatta representatives

Including Carol Teodori. The bulletin is  here ----------------------------->



Diocese of Parramatta launches Plenary Council resource website.

A new website provides resources for parishioners in the Diocese of Parramatta to stay involved in the Ple- nary Council, which is exploring what the future of our Church should look like. The first assembly starts in October, so visit to find a range of information, a Diocesan prayer and more.

Masses online

Apart from the Mass at OLN published on this website each week, many parishes around the Diocese are celebrating Masses online. For more information, please visit the Diocesan website

The Parramatta Way of safeguarding is to ...

act with justice, and state that we have a zero tolerance for any form of abuse or harm to children or any person.     Act with justice and ensure that laws and obligations are upheld, and safety is paramount.

A poster detailing the rest of the Parramatta Way is here.  

Deanery Council News is here.

Refugee Support details are here

Donations to Refugees.

The need to help support refugees and asylum Seekers is now even greater during this current lockdown.

We cannot have a food drive, so donations of money is now our only option. Please see the flyer attached to the bulletin with information on how to make a donation. Please note that there is a pay by phone option for the House of Welcome as well as cheque or direct transfer. With so much bad news all around us, sometimes we feel that we are in the dark. We do not know what we can do! Or maybe, if we can, we can take this opportunity to help brighten someone's day. So let us all remember to
"Let your light shine before others " (Matt 5:16)

Maureen and Carol from the Deanery Pastoral Council.

Bishop Vincent's Pastoral letter of thanks and celebration.

Open  there -------------------------------------------------------------------> 

Pastoral letter to the faithful of the Diocese of Parramatta on the COVID-19 vaccination

Dear brothers and sisters,

As the COVID-19 Delta variant is spreading through Australia, particularly in Western Sydney, with deadly consequences, I am writing to reiterate the importance of vaccination as a means to protect yourselves and others.

It is overwhelmingly evident that the virus is spreading largely among the unvaccinated population. Hence, being fully vaccinated is an important step in not only keeping us safe but also our families and others in the broader community safe, and enabling us to get back to some sort of normality.

I understand some people have concerns about the ethical origins of some vaccines. The Catholic Church, through the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has declared that even the use of such vaccines does not constitute formal cooperation with abortion.

Pope Francis himself has encouraged Catholics to take the vaccine saying in an interview earlier this year, “I believe that morally everyone must take the vaccine. It is the moral choice because it is about your life but also the lives of others.”

Indeed, Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI and many cardinals and bishops have already received their COVID-19 vaccines. For my part, I am fully vaccinated since the end of July.

I call on you to heed this clear and strong message from the Pope. I also alert you to the anti- vaccination movement and those who spread misinformation on social media, and regrettably even some clergy.

The pandemic has caused much uncertainty, pain and suffering to the whole world. Let us pray, however, that it can be an opportunity for renewal and transformation for the human family.

May we grow in the spirit of solidarity and compassion for all who are vulnerable, here and beyond. May we emerge out of this crisis a better people for a better world.

Therefore, all vaccines which are recognised as clinically safe and effective may be taken by

Catholics in good conscience.

Their opposition to vaccines and public health orders is not in accordance with the Catholic


The Diocese and partners are working with health authorities in facilitating the vaccine rollout to members of the community in more vulnerable areas. Let us do our part for the common good and work together to end the pandemic.

In Christ,

Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv

Bishop of Parramatta

Given at Parramatta on 6 August 2021 The Feast of The Transfiguration of the Lord

The Well, online support produced by the Parramatta Diocese is here 

Need some inspiration and spiritual encouragement during lockdown? Why not check out The Well? The Diocese’s ‘on demand’ streaming site has a tonne of video and prayer resources for you to explore and engage with during this difficult time. 

“Gathering of Talents”.

Despite all the disruption by the COVID crisis of the planning of this Gathering on the 19th September, members of the Deanery Pastoral Council are meeting very soon to evaluate what all the people of the
parishes in Emu Plains and the Mountains have asked to be prioritised.


Jesus, himself, saw the need for action when he visited the towns and villages;

"When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and
helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” " Matt 9:35-38

Sometimes, we are called to be "labourers" and so now is the time to share your ideas for action.

So if you have any ideas that might help our local Christian communities please complete the survey form which you will find on our Parish Website and return the form to or just ring Maureen 0403 931 782.

Please continue your prayers for this Deanery project. The followers of Jesus are sometimes called to be "labourers" but we are always called to pray.

Please see the special page, Gathering Talents, here, for all details

Bishop Vincent’s pastoral letter on the proposed Parental Rights Bill.

Bishop Vincent has released a pastoral letter to the pastors, parents and the faithful of the Diocese of Parramatta on the proposed Parental Rights Bill. The letter can be read here 

Bishop's Good Shepherd Appeal

Please support our seminarians to answer God’s call to the Priesthood.

At our Holy Spirit Seminary, Harris Park, young men are training to become future priests for the Diocese of Parramatta. Your caring gift and prayers are needed to support our seminarians to prepare for a life of service to our community. Please give generously via the Bishop’s Good Shepherd Appeal giving envelopes or online

at Thank you for your kind accompaniment.

We are (still) looking for more readers, commentators and ministers of the altar, especially Sunday masses.

 If you are interested please talk to Len or Richard on the parish phone number 4759 1034 to discuss this ministry.

We also  welcome volunteers in a variety of other roles across the parish. 

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch by emailing the Parish at


The Catalyst for Renewal Program for 2021 is Here

Laurie Woods has a new tricky bit, here

'Bible and Hebrew Thought' explores difficulties in translation from the Hebrew.

If you have not looked at these before, they are a great aid to understanding difficult parts of the Christian faith.

COVID guide to Masses

 At Lawson, our church is open for a shortened form of Mass.
   In accord with Diocese recommendations, it is advised that masks be worn

 There will be no music in view of the size of our church and in accordance with government regulation.

  • In addition you will need to register your attendance at OLN by emailing to or calling Richard on the office phone number 4759 1034 as this detail is required by law.

  • Also required by law is that each person who attends must record their name and phone number and email on the attendance sheets provided as you enter the church.  OR login with the QR code.

  • Please bring your own pen or use the pencil provided and take it with you. 

  • Hymn books and missals are not to be used. 

  • No objects are permitted to be passed around, hence there can be no passing of the collection plate.  

  • A plate will be left on the Offertory Table for you to drop in your contribution on the way out and to collect your bulletin.

  • We may need your occasional assistance to sanitise the area after Mass.

 Please note most of the news is in the Bulletin available by clicking on the Bulletin link

Older, Current News

  • A notice to Confirmation families and a Holy Spirit meditation please click on the link,  Sacramental Team

  • Masses are being recorded each week and available by clicking on the Recorded Masses link 

  • Letter from Head, Religious Education commenting on changes in RE here

  • Confirmation, First Communion and Preparations in Progress are here

  • Cambodian Catholic Mission Project is here