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Sunday Mass is still 8.30am.

A weekday Mass will be held on

Tuesdays 5pm.

The return of other midweek masses
will be advised.

Christmas Mass Times

                                                               Springwood                   Lawson (OLN)

Christmas Eve, Sat 24th Dec               5.00pm Children’s Mass         5.00pm Children’s Mass

                                                        (at St Thomas Aquinas Church)    (at OLN Cola if fine weather)

                                                        8.00pm VIGIL                          8.00pm VIGIL

Christmas Day, Sun 25th Dec              9.30am                                    8.00am, 9.00am

Boxing Day, Mon 26th Dec                  9.30am                                    

Tues 27th, Wed 28th Dec                    9.30am                                    

Thurs 29th Dec                                  9.30am                                    

Fri 30th Dec                                       9.30am

Sat 31st Dec                                      9.30am




2nd Rite of Reconciliation


The 2nd Rite of Reconciliation has been scheduled for Monday, 19th December at 7.00pm.


The 2nd Rite of Reconciliation has been scheduled for Tuesday, 20th  December at 7.00pm.


The Sacrament of Penance, at this time during Advent, is an ideal way of remaining focused on the beautiful spirituality of Christmas.

Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Join the ACBC, ACRATH and people around the world for 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) until 10 December (Human Rights Day).

Rani is 17 and attends high school in Melbourne. When her parents said they were taking her overseas to marry a man she had never met, she thought she had no option but to comply. When the Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans (ACRATH) spoke at her school, she learnt about her legal right to choose her own husband and to avoid a forced marriage.

The calendar for the 16 days against Gender based violence and  stories about Tamin and Shamira and forced marriages in Australia are below.

Issara was once a victim of Labour Trafficking

 Issara had been forced to work illegally for meagre dollars in a Geelong restaurant, moved between women's refuges before the violence within some of them was enough to make her leave.

She found a cheap place to rent and slept on the floor with her young son, unable to afford a bed.

"In Thailand, you feel like   an animal, so I came here with hope. It's a first-world country where people should be equal," Issara says.She fell into a deep depression when she realised that wasn't true.

........... but  small steps empowered her to keep going.

She was approved for Centrelink, granted a visa that allowed her to study and learn English, which led her to the local community centre;  that through Issara's relentless pursuits, has become a refuge for victims who are terrified of their modern-day enslaver and equally terrified of telling authorities.

The calendar and the stories come from ACRATH . You can find more information on the UN Women website. ACRATH has prepared helpful resources for reflection and action.









A Chance to Stand up for Refugees and Asylum Seekers.

Recently our Diocese celebrated World Day of Migrants and Refugees at a special family friendly gathering at Blacktown. But there is more we can do. Please read Kon's request in the file here -->




In Summary,

  • Provide all refugees and people seeking asylum with the right to work, study and access Medicare

  • Ensure that all people seeking asylum can access mainstream social safety nets when needed

and then you are encouraged to sign the petition to help refugees and asylum seekers. 


Sign the petition here

Maureen and Carol.

Christmas Appeals.

Bishop’s Christmas Appeal for Catholic Care’s Assistance with Care and Housing Service.

No one should be homeless or without support. Your Christmas gift today will enable Catholic Care to give homeless people practical and emotional support, and a safe place to call home. Please stretch out your hand to the poor and give generously via the Bishop’s Christmas Appeal envelopes, at .
Thank you for your prayers, heart-felt compassion, and help to end homelessness.


Vinnies Christmas Appeal
Again the Lawson Conference of Vinnies is having it’s Christmas Appeal. This will be over Two weekends being the 10th / 11th and 17th /18th of December.
Donations collected go to the most needy and vulnerable within our community. Members will be attending each Mass and collecting at the door after Mass. Envelops will also be available in the Foyer.
Thanking you in anticipation for your generosity.
The Lawson Vinnies Team



An ANGEL TREE has been set up in the sanctuary as our parish project for Advent to support single mothers with children who are in need of temporary accommodation. Each Angel adornment has a code (FAMILY 1, Family 2, etc.) to identify the family (for office use only).
You are invited to select ONE of the angel adornments.

  1. Hanging on the tree are Angels with AGE of the mother or child. In this case, please purchase a suitable Christmas gift;

  2. Laying on the platform below the tree are Angels only with the word FAMILY. Please purchase goods for a suitable Christmas food hamper.

Please RETURN all contributions to the TREE as soon as possible, but certainly by THIRD Sunday of Advent as the parish must deliver the parcels before Dec16th. The ANGEL tag MUST be attached to the PARCEL, please.
Thank you, Carol Teodori.

Vinnies need Volunteers.

Lawson Vinnies is in need of more Volunteers for our Community.
A monthly commitment of a few hours a Month on a Thursday morning would be great.

For more info for a rewarding experience please contact Paul Gannon on 4758 9253 (H) or 0409 592 055

Are You Interested in Learning about the Catholic Way of Life?

If you are interested, you are welcome to join a group of diverse interests and ages  who meet each week for an hour to discuss some aspect of Catholic life on Fridays at 4pm. 
Please call Len Blahut on 0405 916 326 to enquire and find out more about what’s happening.

Catalyst for Renewal Programme for 2022 is here

 Please follow the link above for further details.

From the Bulletin.

Articles you may want to read recently published in the Bulletin.​​

  • Supporting your Parish
    Thank you for your contributions to both the first and second collections, credit card using the Tap and Go machine or by EFT to the Parish bank account. The First Collection is used by the Diocese to pay all Diocesan Cler- gy so that they are all supported equally.
    The Second Collection is used to pay the costs of running our Parish. This collection now is 80% of the amount that was being collected before Covid 19 lockdowns. This means at that level (80%) the Parish is operating at a deficit. If that situation continues, we will not be able to continue long as a Parish.
    It is appreciated that some Parishioners are on fixed incomes (pensioners, young families, etc.) are giving all they can . However, we ask those that can afford to, increase their support of the Parish.
    The Parish needs to increase its weekly collections by about $400, which when split over the parishioners that can afford it is between $5 to $10 extra a week.
    Please consider increasing your contributions to support the Parish so we can remove the deficit.

  • Bishop’s Christmas Appeal for Catholic Care’s Assistance with Care and Housing Service.
    No one should be homeless or without support. Your Christmas gift today will

  • enable Catholic Care to give homeless people practical and emotional support, and a safe place to call home. Please stretch out your hand to the poor and give generously via the Bishop’s Christmas Appeal at 
    Thank you for your prayers, heart-felt compassion, and help to end homelessness.

  • Glenbrook Parish Advent Retreat: 10 December.
    You are invited to join St Finbar’s Parish, Glenbrook for their Advent Retreat, entitled, ‘Jesus the greatest gift from God’ on Saturday 10 December from 9am to 3pm. Most Rev David Walker, Bishop Emeritus of Broken Bay, will be the guest presenter. For more information and to RSVP, please contact the parish office on (02) 4742 6958 or

  • Preparation for the Sacraments of both Reconciliation and First Communion
    will commence on February 16th 2023.

    If you have not already registered your interest in the preparation program for your child (In year 3 or above) you are now welcome to register with the Sacramental Coordinator Maureen Ryan as soon as possible, then you will receive a list of all the dates involved.
    As resources and books need to be ordered early, it is important that each child's name be registered as soon as it is convenient.
    All enquiries welcome.
    Maureen Ryan,
    Sacramental Co-ordinator. 0403 931 782

  • 2022-23 Social Justice Statement “Respect: Confronting Violence and Abuse”
    The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Social Justice Statement for 2022-23 “Respect: Confronting Violence and Abuse” invites us to engage with a complex and challenging social reality: domestic and family violence and abuse. The Australian Bishops call for all people to take part in the individual and social transformation needed so all people can live in safety.
    You can download the statement, listen to a podcast version and access many other resources at
    Ellen and her sister Frances are adult survivors of abusive relationships in their Christian family during   childhood. They share their experience through their research and writing:
    “Domestic abuse is not restricted to Christian culture, but it is important that we realise the power of religious manipulation to keep people in abusive relationships. Abusers and survivors can use various religious lenses to justify their reasons. The Church must begin to recognise and condemn the use of Biblical refer- ences to justify abuse.....
    Many Christian women who experience intimate partner abuse feel it is their duty as a Christian wife to sacrifice and forgive their spouse. The children in these relationships often feel... that they must respect the father and not say anything about what is truly going on in the home...”
                                                                           From page 4 ACBC Social Justice Statement

  • Masks are strongly recommendedTo quote the Diocese, "It's everyone's responsibility. Don't forget to wear your mask to Mass."

  • Taize Prayer and Song.
    You are warmly invited to Taize Prayer & Song at Leura Uniting Church, Grose Street, Leura.
    All are welcome at Taize Prayer & Song for prayer, singing and meditation.
    Taize Prayer & Song is held on the third Sunday of every month at 5pm.

  • Refugee and Migrant Support. 
    One support is through the "Work and Welcome" program, which is a project of St Francis Social Services and the House of Welcome.
    Work & Welcome assists people seeking asylum and refugees to be job ready by providing empowering work experience and employment opportunities in supportive host organisations. By creating structured, short term, paid job placements,
    It also works through the generosity of the staff, themselves, who pledge a regular  amount from their own pay towards sponsoring "Work and Welcome" in their own workplaces.

  • Catholic Theological College ‘Engaging Your Faith’ online series.
    ‘Engaging Your Faith’ is a series of online short sessions, open to all, offering an opportunity to explore your faith through a variety of topics including: Theology, Spirituality, Biblical Studies, Pastoral Studies, Laudato Si’, Christian Meditation, Future Technology, and Science and Religion. All topics are presented by lecturers of Catholic Theological College and run from 10 to 28 October. For a full description of the sessions please go to news-and-events/engaging-your-faith/

  • Office Repair.
    is continuing.
    Work should finish on refurbishing the presbytery soon.
    We will keep you informed of progress.

  • Bishop’s Good Samaritan Appeal raising funds for Catholic Care’s Community Drop-In Centres’
    Catholic Care is working hard to reach our neighbours in need and to reduce social isolation and loneliness throughout our community. Will you be a Good Samaritan and help Catholic Care reach our
    vulnerable neighbours, so they have safe, welcoming places to connect with others and access support? Please give generously to the Bishop’s Good Samaritan Appeal at Thank you for your heartfelt prayers and support

  • Social Justice COVID-19 Food and Toiletries Drive.
    Under the remaining influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) and House of Welcome (HoW) cannot receive physical food and toiletry donations. However, many refugee families are still relying on their foodbanks or the provision of food vouchers. In this difficult time, please support JRS and HoW with a cash donation if you can. Find more information at or call JRS on (02) 9356 3888.

  • Caritas Australia responds to humanitarian crises in Afghanistan and Lebanon and Tonga.  
    Visit or call 1800 024 413 toll free to make your donation.


How can we support homeless people?

“To end homelessness we need a plan”.

Find out more at and show your solidarity in ending homelessness, e.g., by attending or supporting Vinnies’ Community Sleepout supporting the Everybody’s Home campaign and signing their current petition for more social housing attending the National Homelessness Conference (8 –10 Aug in Canberra or online)

Vinnies also has some helpful information on homelessness in Australia on their website under

Our Impact

Sebastian Salaske-Lentern Diocesan Peace Justice and Ecology Co-ordinator.

Radical Inclusivity

On the  30th July there was  Diocesan Meeting which included all the Deanery Pastoral Councils, the Diocese's  Mission Enhancement Team, the Diocesan Pastoral Council and Bishop Vincent Long who was the keynote speaker. A highlight of the day came towards the end when  the Diocesan Pastoral Council launched the  Council's Radical Inclusivity Statement.  This document, subtitled "Living the Call of the Gospel',' is firmly based on Pope Francis' exhortations to welcome our marginalised brothers and sisters into our Catholic Church community. 

We are all  called  both within the  diocese and  in our local church communities to find ways  of welcome  and inclusion for everyone, including those who are alienated from our church family, such as those brothers and sisters  in  the LGBTQI+ community or those who have been divorced and remarried.

Please see the attached Radical Inclusivity Document here ------->



Blue Mountains Catholics take Action (previously Gathering of Talents) update is here

Sacrament Preparations 2022 is via this link

​Our Parish's Over 50s Group

Our Parish's Over 50s Group will recommence this year with an initial meeting in the Santa Maria Hall on Wednesday, 19th January, commencing at 10.30am with morning tea followed by a BYO lunch, morning tea will be supplied. The meeting will finish around 1pm.  If you would like to know a little more about our active group, please contact Paula Currie on 0416 185 651.  See bulletin for further details.

Catholic Mission page is updated here

Deanery News is HERE

Masses online

Apart from the Mass at OLN published on this website each week, many parishes around the Diocese are celebrating Masses online. For more information, please visit the Diocesan website

The Parramatta Way of safeguarding is to ...

act with justice, and state that we have a zero tolerance for any form of abuse or harm to children or any person.     Act with justice and ensure that laws and obligations are upheld, and safety is paramount.

A poster detailing the rest of the Parramatta Way is here.  

Refugee Support details are here

Donations to Refugees.

The need to help support refugees and asylum Seekers is now even greater during this current lockdown.

We cannot have a food drive, so donations of money is now our only option. Please see the flyer attached to the bulletin with information on how to make a donation. Please note that there is a pay by phone option for the House of Welcome as well as cheque or direct transfer. With so much bad news all around us, sometimes we feel that we are in the dark. We do not know what we can do! Or maybe, if we can, we can take this opportunity to help brighten someone's day. So let us all remember to
"Let your light shine before others " (Matt 5:16)

Maureen and Carol from the Deanery Pastoral Council.

Diocesan “Laudato Si’ Action Campaign” 

On Friday 22 April, the annual Earth Day, the Diocese of Parramatta responded to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor by launching a Diocesan “Laudato Si’ Action Campaign”. Via a video message, Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv will invite all Catholic parishes, schools, families, and organisations across the Diocese to participate. Please visit from 22 April to download the launch video and for further information.  Also see the Video here,  Please also see the Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor document--->

Bishop Vincent’s pastoral letter on the proposed Parental Rights Bill.

Bishop Vincent has released a pastoral letter to the pastors, parents and the faithful of the Diocese of Parramatta on the proposed Parental Rights Bill. The letter can be read here 

Bishop's Good Shepherd Appeal

Please support our seminarians to answer God’s call to the Priesthood.

At our Holy Spirit Seminary, Harris Park, young men are training to become future priests for the Diocese of Parramatta. Your caring gift and prayers are needed to support our seminarians to prepare for a life of service to our community. Please give generously via the Bishop’s Good Shepherd Appeal giving envelopes or online

at Thank you for your kind accompaniment.

We are (still) looking for more readers, commentators and ministers of the altar, especially Sunday masses.

 If you are interested please talk to Len or Richard on the parish phone number 4759 1034 to discuss this ministry.

We also  welcome volunteers in a variety of other roles across the parish. 

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch by emailing the Parish at

 Please note most of the news is in the Bulletin available by clicking on the Bulletin link here

Older, Current News

  • The Season of Creation is over, but there are helpful resources here Season of Creation

  • Masses are being recorded each week and available by clicking on the Recorded Masses link 

  • Letter from Head, Religious Education commenting on changes in RE here

  • Confirmation, First Communion and Preparations in Progress are here

  • Cambodian Catholic Mission Project is here

  • The Plight of the Afghan Refugees.
    Last August Bishop Vincent urged us all to support the Afghanis in whatever way we can including asking government for an increase in our Afghani refugee intake."Catholic and other faith-based groups are joining with refugee advocates in calling on the Australian Government to respond humanely to the crisis unfolding in Afghanistan as the Taliban seizes power." Catholic Outlook magazine pub Parramatta Diocese.However, the government still needs to take significant action.
    Afghani Crisis Fact Sheet is here -------------->