Support during COVID-19 and beyond
Following are some suggestions of people, groups and activities to provide support

1) Connection.  Debbie Fear is keen to share ideas with parishioners, including young people and kids, that create ‘contagious kindness’! 

If you’re interested, please email Debbie at to work out the best way to chat about practical, do-able steps that promote connection in our homes and with our neighbours in these times when we’re being asked to stay apart. 


2)  Jesus of Nazareth.   Laurie Woods invites parishioners to discover more about ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ as he walks us through various Gospel scenes and sayings.

If you are interested and want to know more about this, please email Laurie at or text 0432 032 264 to find out how to join in, and work out a suitable time for a group to gather by internet.


3) Prayer Network.   Lorraine Phillips coordinates a Prayer Network referred to as 'Prayer-Tree'.

Anyone is invited to contact her about a situation or person for which you would like others in our community to offer prayers of support. Each request indicates what degree of anonymity is desired.


4) Stories to share.  Allan Walsh seeks any 'personal or family stories' that can be shared with the parish via the website. If you have an event or story that lends itself to keeping up connections amongst each other, please contact him


5) Virtual Morning Tea - a time to re-connect by a relaxed chat for 20-30 minutes or so with fellow parishioners on ZOOM (stay as long or little as you can) - Saturdays, 10:30am, to say ‘Hello'. Contact Francis O’Callaghan <> for a ZOOM invitation.


6) Young People. Len Blahut seeks to meet by video conference :

- as many YOUTH as possible(and their friends)related to our parish.Please contact Len at <> or on 0405 916 326 so that he can work out suitable time to meet.

7) Explore the Bible honestly. those who have always wanted to explore the Bible and see where it can lead - to begin asking some honest questions and sharing one’s honest queries.Please contact Len at <> or on 0405 916 326 so that he can work out suitable time to gather on internet.