Gathering of Talents


Last June our community had the Launch of the 'Gathering of Talents'. The Launch involved a survey of Our Lady of Nativity community regarding the kinds of works and outreach parishioners were looking for. This survey, to which we had some response, was to be followed by workshops in September. These workshops were to be organised by our Deanery to share ideas and plans for the future with other Mountains parishes.

As we all know, our planning was postponed because of the Covid 19 lockdown.

We have not abandoned our plans and the Gathering of talents has been rebooked for Sunday 3rd April. Our planning continues.


If you have not completed a survey of ideas, there is still time. There are brochures and survey forms to the right ------>.
Please complete the form and return it to over the next two or three weeks.


Maureen Ryan

Deanery Pastoral Council.


An Initiative of the Blue Mountains Deanery Council

For details, see documents on this page.

Please try to complete and return the Survey about what you would like included in the Event (see below); it will only take one minute.

The Purpose
  • To identify our resources and resourcefulness, energies and capacities and to gain strength from each other to enrich our faith community in the Blue Mountains.

  • To invite people from across parishes in the Blue Mountains Deanery to share/display what they do to bring life to their community in a range of ministries.

  • Through the sharing of ideas and capacities, parishioners will develop relationships that will lead to people:

    o learning from each other
    o sharing ideas
    o strengthening networks
    o developing opportunities for mentoring