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Blue Mountains Catholics take Action

Report from Hear the Cry Workshop 

 (Presenter: Rob Feeney and Penola Students)

Two students from Penola College, supported by their teacher Rob Feeney, led a

very engaging and interactive workshop that encouraged group members to examine

their responses to climate change as individuals and as members of groups ranging

from local to worldwide. All of this was done within the context of Pope Francis’

Encyclical Laudate Si.

Group discussions identified specific actions that need to be taken at the individual,

local and national/international level.

Individual Level.

• need to be vigilant about recycling, repairing, repurposing, composting, water

saving, packaging and renewable energy.

Local Level.

• need to lobby for the establishment of services and infrastructure that

support the above initiatives.

National/International Levels.

• need to be persistent and insistent about the urgent need to address climate

change and decarbonise the atmosphere by replacing carbon emitting

sources of energy with the various clean sources currently available. 


Participants were encouraged to reflect upon the message of Laudate Si, which

highlights that these changes require an acceptance that we do not have “dominion”

over the environment. We are as dependent and as interconnected as all other living


Greg Rowe.
Participant of the "Hear the Cry" Workshop.

Report from Meeting on 3rd April

This is a preliminary report on last Sunday’s gathering, as we will need time to synthesise the wisdom and suggestions from the various workshops. Over 70 participants from the Mountains’ parishes and the Diocesan seminary engaged in 9 workshops and there was a spirit of engagement verging on excitement through the afternoon 

The real fruits will emerge when the ideas are reflected upon and implemented. The process, itself, resulted in connections and a post-Covid lift in morale. 

Three highlights, were the senior students from Penola who led the Environmental

Workshops, the large number of participants who attended the workshops presented by Catholic Care who provided an insight into the needs of the disadvantaged and the presence of 6 seminarians who were exposed to the realities of the church and the needs of our Mountains community. 


Thanks to those who supported this event, which has been recognised as a possible blueprint for gatherings across and beyond our diocese. 

Special thanks to our own Lawson parishioners Laurie Woods, Angela Wedesweiler and Maureen Ryan who were presenters and thanks to the keynote speakers, Carol Teodori and Len Blahut.







Jesus, himself, saw the need for action when he visited the towns and villages;

"When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and
helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” " Matt 9:35-38

Please continue your prayers for this Deanery project. The followers of Jesus are sometimes called to be "labourers" but we are always called to pray.

Blue Mountains Catholics take Action

Following our surveys last year in all the parishes within the deanery , the Deanery Pastoral Council have been planning the newly named gathering  on the  and have developed 5 interesting  workshops.  Report on the workshop is above.

Carol and Maureen 

Deanery Pastoral Council

The Purpose
  • To identify our resources and resourcefulness, energies and capacities and to gain strength from each other to enrich our faith community in the Blue Mountains.

  • To invite people from across parishes in the Blue Mountains Deanery to share/display what they do to bring life to their community in a range of ministries.

  • Through the sharing of ideas and capacities, parishioners will develop relationships that will lead to people:

    o learning from each other
    o sharing ideas
    o strengthening networks
    o developing opportunities for mentoring

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