Sacrament of Confirmation

A message for families who had been planning to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

Bishop Vincent has now delegated the right to confer the Sacrament of Confirmation at Lawson Parish in 2020 to Fr Paul Slyney, The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated this year on Tuesday 24th November. If social distancing is still in place, Wednesday, 25th November, would also be an option. 

It has also now been decided that the  2020 scheduled First Communion program and First Reconciliation programs will now be postponed until 2021 

Holy Spirit Meditation

Your family can pray the following prayer together sometimes as you spend so much time at home during these days. You will need one person to be the leader. Take it slowly with lots of pauses.

With your eyes closed and sitting or standing straight with both feet grounded, pray: 
Ever present  Spirit of God, here with us now, help us to hear you. (x3)


Become aware of everything that is around you; the sounds, the smells.

Is it cool or warm? Notice the smooth or the rough feel of your clothes. Scan your body from toes to head; notice your posture, your muscles, any aches or pains. Scan how you feel. Are you happy or sad or peaceful? Notice any feelings or thoughts, then allow them to pass through your mind.


Focus now on your breath.
Become aware of breathing, of the air moving in and out through your lungs, throat, mouth and nose, of your diaphragm and ribs moving. With your next breath, breathe into your whole body, focus on your entire body –   you become one point in the universe. You are one special person.
You are here together with the Holy Spirit


Listen to the Spirit, feel the Spirit of Jesus close to you.

Ask the Holy Spirit to share with you love, peace and strength.

Thank the Holy Spirit for being with you

When ready, finish with the prayer:

Ever present  Spirit of God, here with me now, help me to be here with you. (x3)


From the Sacramental team at Our Lady of Nativity Parish Lawson