From the Parish Management Team  July 2020

COVID-19 has given us all a challenge. We would like to let you know what has developed over these past 4 months to keep our community spirit alive. At our last meeting on July 22nd, we discussed many aspects of our parish life, documented below.


Sacramental Program. 

With the unavoidable postponement of First Communion & First Reconciliation, parents are being supported in the meantime by ongoing communication.

Food Drive.

Even though we have officially ended the Food Drive, we know that many are still doing it tough. So if you feel like continuing to contribute foodstuffs on an ongoing basis for those in dire need, please drop them into solid shopping bags at the office or Mass and we will do the rest.    


Opportunities for Getting Together. 

The most common way for some parishioners to keep contact with each other during the past few months of the pandemic was through tele-conferencing on Zoom. The following took place:

*Sessions on the Gospels (Laurie Woods -

*Saturday Morning Chat, 10:30am (Francis O'Callaghan -

*Fielding any questions regarding the Bible (Leonard Blahut -

Please contact respective persons for further developments.


Social Distancing in the church: this has been of grave concern.

We have been informed by some fellow parishioners that they are deeply concerned for themselves and others when someone slips into a pew and remains directly behind or in front of someone else. Please, this proximity must be avoided when attending Mass.


Ongoing Concerns

The Parish Management Team realizes that we need to face some hard questions as a result of COVID-19. Let us take a moment to consider these questions please:

-What more can we do to assist those who want to celebrate Eucharist but can’t come to the church for various reasons? …..and there are many!

-How do we reach, and come to know, those who may need some kind of care?

-Are we losing connection with each other? If so, what do we do?

-There are some using these times to re-assess the meaning of going to Mass. What challenge is this throwing out to us as a community?


What has continued since the lockdown in March is the distribution of the Parish bulletin to those either not on the internet, or simply prefer the print copy. If you would like to receive a print copy, or know of someone who does, call the Parish office please.


Our next meeting is August 18. Please offer the parish team some of your wisdom after hearing these concerns.

As they say….we are all in it together! 


Don’t hesitate to pass on your observations/ideas to the parish office, 4759-1034,or via email