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A message of thanks from Mark Geerligs


Dear Friends,


I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers since I was diagnosed with Leukemia and for those many people who have joined in the Novena.  


10 years ago I was blessed to be chosen as one of the Diocese of Parramatta Pilgrims who went to that special week of celebrations leading up to the canonisation of Mary of the Cross MacKillop.  I remember the 17th of October from the early morning start to the glorious sunshine that blessed us all in the Plaza of St Peter's Square. In front of the St Peter’s Basilica - Vatican City there were 100,000 plus all awaiting the canonisation of 6 new Saints.  But for the Aussies it was all about - Mary MacKillop.


I remember many things about this day, but the strongest image I had was the spirit of being part of something special when Mary MacKillop’s name was mentioned. The mass and ceremony took close to 3 hours.  Many different languages were spoken during the Mass including one part in English.  But everytime our contingency of Aussies heard the name “Mary MacKillop” (in whatever context),  we jumped up from our seats and shouted with joy (maybe not what you would expect people to do during a Mass and ceremony).  Then the time came when Mary MacKillop was to be known as St Mary Of the Cross Mary MacKillop, well the Aussies made their voices even louder.  Our small group from Australia were representing the many millions at home praying and celebrating this wondrous event.


I have felt a very strong and personal support through prayer from the many people who have prayed for me in the recent weeks.  I have been feeling that strength from the St Mary of the Cross Mackillop canonisation time 10 years ago in recent days.  So many asking for prayers for help is very powerful.  


My latest results are strong and moving in the right direction.  I know that I have the strength to continue and achieve the best result I can.


Thank you all for making this very difficult part of my journey so much easier.  But I will remember what St Mary of the Cross MacKillop wrote :- “Be eager in your desires but humbly patient in their accomplishment”.  There is a long road to recovery to go.


Kind regards

Mark Geerligs

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